Mon. Jun 17th, 2024
New Women’s Sports Bar ‘Watch Me’ Set to Open in Long Beach – NBC Los Angeles

A sports bar catering specifically to women has gained popularity due to the success of female athletes and the rise in popularity of women’s soccer clubs. Jax Diener and Emme Eddy believe that the time is right for such an establishment, given the growing fan base of teams like the LA Sparks.

Diener, who has dreamed of creating a women’s sports bar for over three decades, sees this as a breakthrough moment. She believes that women’s sports have been gaining momentum over the years and that it is time for them to take center stage. With stadiums and arenas increasingly being filled with supporters, Diener and Eddy believe that a dedicated sports bar will attract bargoers.

Their vision is to open “Watch Me,” a bar that will be housed in a former Mexican restaurant located off PCH in Long Beach. Scheduled to open in July to coincide with the Olympics, the venue aims to celebrate women athletes who often have to overcome skepticism and showcase their skills on the field.

Sports bars that cater to women’s sports have shown promise, with establishments like the “Sports Bra” in Portland generating nearly $1 million in revenue within the first eight months of operation. Diener and Eddy are optimistic about replicating this success in Long Beach with a strong emphasis on women’s sports.

The couple plans to make women’s sports the focal point of their establishment by featuring them on most of the TVs available while also showcasing other sporting events like Dodgers games and NHL matches. With the goal of opening in time for the Olympics, Diener and Eddy are working diligently to transform

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