Fri. Jun 14th, 2024
Unleash the Power of Sumerian Six: Defeat Nazis with a Mix of Science and Occult Practices

In the PC Gaming Show 2024, Artificer and Devolver Digital premiered Sumerian Six, a WWII-set alternative history combat game. The flashy trailer showcased magical combat, Nazi-smashing action, and dazzling pseudo-science.

The game features real-time tactical stealth mechanics and follows the Enigma Squad, a group of heroes armed with forbidden, arcane, and occult sciences to combat the Nazis. One of these heroes is a Werebear who can transform into a bear during battle. Ancient Sumerian artefacts play a crucial role in shaking up the power balance and shaping a brighter future.

Players will face off against heavily armed, mutated, and supernaturally charged Nazi forces, including regular Nazis and Nazi demons, as they travel through the game. Each enemy will be more powerful than the last, requiring the strategic use of skills and stealth to navigate enemy strongholds.

Sumerian Six offers a combination of XCOM/Marvel’s Midnight Suns elements with real-time stealth mechanics, providing dynamic and choice-based decisions on the battlefield. Careful planning and awareness of threats will be essential to maximize success in combat arenas.

The release of Sumerian Six is planned for 2024 on PC. A demo focused on combat and exploration is currently available for players interested in a preview of the game. Fans can look forward to more details on Sumerian Six and other games announced during Summer Game Fest 2024.

In conclusion, Sumerian Six promises an exciting blend of magic combat, Nazi-smashing action, pseudo-science and real-time tactical stealth mechanics that will keep players engaged throughout their gaming experience. With ancient Sumerian artefacts playing a crucial role in shaping the future, this WWII-set alternative history game is sure to be a fan favorite when it releases in 2024 on PC.

By Aiden Nguyen

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