Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024
Cast your vote in Varsity 845’s poll for the Olympic Sports player of the week for March 18-24.

Voting for the Varsity 845 Spring Olympic sports player of the week for March 18-24 is now open online. Fans can go to to cast their votes until 10 p.m. on Saturday. It’s important to note that computer bot voting is not allowed in this process.

This week, five outstanding athletes are up for consideration as nominations for the player of the week are selected from reports to Varsity 845 and other sources. Players from Orange, Ulster, and Sullivan counties, as well as Delaware Valley (Pa.), are eligible for selection. While typically only one player per school is permitted each week, the small number of contests from the previous week allows for multiple candidates to be considered.

The winning player will be announced via X / Twitter @Varsity845. It’s also worth noting that previous winners can become eligible again once the postseason has started. If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach out to or contact X / Twitter: @KenMcMillanTHR.

The candidates for this week’s Varsity 845 Spring Olympic sports player of the week include Lillian Atria from Pine Bush who scored six goals in a game against New Paltz; Ava Kraszewski from Delaware Valley who scored four goals in a game against Nazareth Area; Jaida Palacios from Delaware Valley who made nine stops in a game against Nazareth Area and had nine saves in another game against Crestwood (Pa.) ; Lorena Rivera from Valley Central who scored five goals in a game against Highland; and Madison Roszkowski from Valley Central who made eight stops in a game against Highland .

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