Wed. Jun 19th, 2024
Virtus AI & Technology Opportunities Fund (AIO) Declares Dividend of $0.15 on June 27th

The Virtus Artificial Intelligence & Technology Opportunities Fund (NYSE:AIO) has announced a dividend of 0.15 per share on Thursday, June 27th, which represents a dividend yield of 9.2%. Stockholders of record on Thursday, June 13th will receive the dividend. Over the past three years, the Fund has reduced its dividend by an average of 9.8% annually.

On Tuesday, shares of AIO opened at $20.19 with a 50-day moving average price of $19.73 and a 200-day moving average price of $18.95. The Fund’s objective is to generate stable income and capitalize on long-term growth opportunities by employing a multi-asset approach supported by fundamental research, dynamically allocating to attractive segments of a company‚Äôs debt and equity to achieve a balanced risk/reward profile.

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By Aiden Nguyen

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