Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024
Attacks on exchanges have not impacted the futures market yet

The Mexican peso has been experiencing positive sentiment in the futures market of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) for 65 consecutive weeks, with bets in favor of the currency increasing by 3.14 percent as of June 4. However, despite this trend, analysts predict that the peso will face volatility in the coming months due to various factors such as post-election dynamics, sovereign risk rating agencies’ opinions, and the outcome of the US presidential elections.

Recent market evaluations have focused on the implications of the Mexican election results. Speculative sentiment regarding the Mexican currency was initially positive until June 4 when depreciation continued to rise concerns about its overvaluation compared to other Latin American currencies. The peso depreciated over 8 percent against the dollar last week, prompting concerns about its overvaluation compared to currencies like the Brazilian real or the Colombian peso.

The dominance of Morena and allies in Congress raises fears of increased state intervention in the economy, further exacerbating investor uncertainty in the face of potential changes. Analysts suggest that if depreciation continues, investors may become more cautious and reduce their bets on a stronger Mexican currency. In light of these factors, market experts anticipate continued volatility in the Mexican peso’s performance, influenced by political dynamics at home and abroad.

The impact of key events such as economic policy decisions, international rating agencies’ assessments, and US presidential election results will likely shape the currency’s outlook in the coming months. As a result, investors should closely monitor these developments and adjust their investment strategies accordingly to minimize risk and maximize returns.

In summary, while speculative positions favoring a stronger Mexican peso have increased for 65 consecutive weeks on CME futures market, analysts predict continued volatility due to various factors such as post-election dynamics, sovereign risk rating agencies’ opinions and US presidential election results.

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