Tue. Jun 25th, 2024
Enhancing Health Through Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Today, a diverse group of health care and medical associations from across the country gathered to express their support for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) policies in health care. These organizations, including the ACCME, ACGME, ABMS, AMA, AOA, AAMC, CMSS, NBME, NBOME and NRMP believe that promoting DEI in health care can significantly improve the overall health of the nation.

Representing physicians from various specialties and backgrounds in the United States, these organizations have dedicated their careers to improving patient outcomes. They understand that disparities within the health care system can negatively impact patient health and are committed to addressing these issues through DEI policies.

The push for DEI in health care is an effort to create a more equitable and inclusive medical profession. These organizations believe that true excellence in patient care can only be achieved with a physician workforce that is capable of addressing patients’ needs holistically. They also believe that all qualified individuals should have access to medical training and professional opportunities.

United by their commitment to promoting inclusive excellence in the field of medicine, these organizations are working together to create a more equitable and inclusive health care system for all. By supporting and implementing DEI policies, they aim to address disparities within the system and ensure better outcomes for both patients and physicians alike.

By Aiden Nguyen

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