Tue. Jun 25th, 2024
Rescued Stork Babies from Storm Brought to Nursery in Burgrieden

A nest in Burgrieden, Baden-Württemberg was hit hard by heavy rain and flooding, leading to the deaths of many stork chicks in southern Germany. However, one family was overjoyed when their baby storks were saved from the disaster.

Erwin F., a craftsman and his wife, erected a mast with a stork’s nest behind their house three years ago at a cost of 1,000 euros. The pair of storks quickly made it their home. This year, despite the cold and rain, two chicks survived in the nest with hopes for good weather dashed as the flood disaster began on June 1st.

Observing the nest daily from his terrace, Erwin F. realized that the chicks wouldn’t survive the storm. With the help of a colleague and a forklift, they managed to bring the chicks to safety, contacting a stork rescue center expert for guidance along the way.

It was crucial to leave the dead sibling in the nest to ensure that the parent birds wouldn’t abandon their young. After drying the chicks and feeding them herrings, Erwin and his wife lovingly cared for them in a wheelbarrow under a red light lamp in their former children’s room. Despite potential legal consequences for intervening without permission, they prioritized saving the stork chicks from certain doom. After four days of care, they were returned to the nest where they continue to be fed by their parents as if nothing had ever happened. This heartwarming rescue story highlights Erwin F.’s compassion and dedication towards protecting nature’s precious creatures during tough times.

By Aiden Nguyen

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