Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024
Science Museum sponsor urges ‘armchair activists’ to step back

A group of activists led by Greta Thunberg protested at the Science Museum last month, expressing their concerns about the museum’s oil and gas sponsors. The protesters unfurled a banner with the message: “2024, more droughts and floods – fuelled by Science Museum oil and gas sponsors.” The Fossil Free Science Museum coalition, which is made up of Extinction Rebellion and Scientists for Extinction Rebellion, is calling for the museum to end its partnerships with companies that are involved in the fossil fuel industry.

The Science Museum’s director and CEO, Sir Ian Blatchford, defended the museum’s decision to accept sponsorship from Adani Green Energy. Blatchford argued that the trustees believe it is important to maintain relationships with companies like Adani Green Energy in order to promote efforts towards making the global economy less carbon intensive. However, some activists have criticized this approach, arguing that accepting money from companies that are involved in the fossil fuel industry undermines the museum’s reputation as a leading institution for science and technology.

Despite the controversy surrounding its oil and gas sponsors, the Science Museum remains committed to addressing climate change and educating the public on this critical issue. The museum recently opened a new gallery that was made possible by sponsorship from Adani Green Energy, and Blatchford has emphasized the importance of engaging audiences with the science of climate change. He described climate change as “the defining challenge of our time” and urged visitors to learn more about it so they can take action to address it.

By Aiden Nguyen

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