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Belgium’s Prime Minister resigns, but retains position following king’s acceptance

On Monday, King Philippe of Belgium accepted the resignation of Prime Minister Alexander De Croo after the failure of Open Vdl in the regional, federal, and European elections. However, the government will continue in office until a new one is formed. The Belgian Royal House confirmed the news on social networks about the king’s audience with the prime minister.

Shortly after, Prime Minister De Croo also announced on social networks that he had resigned. He mentioned that he had taken responsibility for his party’s defeat and acknowledged that their election results were disappointing. The Belgian leader had previously stated his intention to resign after his party’s defeat.

De Croo’s resignation comes at a crucial time when European political forces are negotiating the renewal of European institutions after the elections on June 9th. The Belgian Prime Minister’s name is in the pools for some of the main European positions. King Philippe has begun contacting different parties and could nominate someone responsible for forming the next federal Executive in the coming days.

The Belgian political landscape is complex, with mirror parties in Flanders and Wallonia making it difficult to form an executive without complex coalitions. Although there are seven parties currently involved in government, several groups have opened up to pacts with Flanders parties previously excluded from federal government positions. The future government formation process will be a crucial and interesting development in Belgium’s political sphere.

In conclusion, King Philippe of Belgium has accepted Prime Minister Alexander De Croo’s resignation after Open Vdl failed in all three elections held recently. While De Croo has taken responsibility for his party’s defeat, he has expressed disappointment over their results in Flanders where they ranked fifth behind other political parties.

As Europe negotiates renewal of its institutions following June 9th elections, De Croo’s name is among those being considered for various high-level positions within European institutions.

The Belgian Royal House confirmed news of King Philippe meeting with Prime Minister De Croo while stating that they entrusted him with managing current affairs until a new government was formed.

Finally, as Belgium navigates its complex political landscape due to mirror parties in Flanders and Wallonia, forming a new executive will require delicate negotiations between various groups open to pacts with previously excluded Flanders parties.

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