Tue. Jun 25th, 2024
Major displacement crisis is being ignored and not receiving sufficient funding

The number of internally displaced people in Sudan is expected to reach 10 million soon, according to the United Nations’ migration agency. This increase in displacement is a result of the ongoing fighting between the Rapid Support Forces paramilitary group and the Sudanese army, which began in April 2023 and has since spread across the country.

The crisis in Sudan has become the largest displacement crisis in the world, causing immense suffering and loss of life among the people of Sudan. A UN official at the International Organization for Migration expressed concern over the situation, questioning how much more suffering and loss of life the people must endure before the world takes notice.

In May, several UN agencies warned that more than 18 million people in Sudan are acutely hungry, highlighting the urgent need for humanitarian assistance and support. The country is not only facing a displacement crisis but also at risk of a hunger crisis.

The situation in Sudan remains dire, with millions of people displaced and struggling to access basic necessities like food and shelter. International attention and aid are crucial in addressing the crisis and providing much-needed support to the people of Sudan. It is essential that the global community comes together to help alleviate the suffering and provide relief to those affected by the ongoing conflict and humanitarian crisis in Sudan.

By Aiden Nguyen

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