Sun. Jun 16th, 2024
Spring break revitalizes the Central Coast economy following a lackluster start to the year.

The Central Coast economy in Santa Barbara, California is eagerly anticipating a boost from sunshine and Spring break travelers after a rainy start to the year. Despite the rain and cold weather at the beginning of the year, businesses in the area are optimistic about the potential influx of travelers for vacation stays, shopping, and dining out.

During the Santa Barbara International Film Festival in early February, there was a noticeable increase in visitors to the city. Movie fans were out at the theaters and out-of-towners were spending a few nights in the area. As Spring break travelers begin to arrive this week, with temperatures in the upper 60’s to low 70’s, there is a sense of anticipation for the economic boost they will bring.

However, rain is in the forecast for Friday from a Pacific Ocean stream coming onto the shore. This could dampen some of that excitement as it may cause flooding and other hazards that could affect tourists’ experience.

The overall impact of Spring break on the economy is seen as positive, especially if young people are part of the equation. However, it can also lead to more crowds and safety concerns, as was seen during the recent St. Fratty’s Day celebration in San Luis Obispo. Various locations in Santa Barbara such as The Old Mission, The Harbor, Stearns Wharf and The Santa Barbara Zoo are expected to see an economic spike from an increase in visitors. Travel experts also note that there will be a wave of returning travelers from post-pandemic trips after many people were on staycations in 2020-2022. More details, video and photos will be added to this story later today

By Aiden Nguyen

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