Fri. Jun 14th, 2024
Construction Company Claims Only One Worker Survived Collapse of Bridge

Six construction workers are presumed dead after the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, while one worker miraculously survived. The workers, all employees of Brawner Builders, fell into the Patapsco River after a cargo ship collided with the bridge in Baltimore’s port. The bodies of the presumed dead workers have yet to be recovered due to the time that has passed and the depth of the water.

Search and rescue efforts were suspended Tuesday evening after officials deemed the workers no longer alive. The Singapore-tagged Dali cargo ship crashed into the bridge around 1:30 a.m. due to a loss of power. Two people were rescued from the water, but the fate of the other six workers remains unknown.

The mayday call from the crew members on the Dali ship likely saved many lives, as officials were able to stop traffic on both sides of the bridge before more cars drove over it. Engineers stated that the bridge collapse was inevitable due to the sheer force of

By Aiden Nguyen

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