Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024
Tonino Picula calls for change in leadership at SDP

In an interview with Dnevnik Nova TV, Tonino Picula recently shared his thoughts on the upcoming elections within the SDP. He expressed his intention to run for a leadership position in the party and hinted that it may be for a foreign position. Picula emphasized his vast experience within the party and his belief that he can bring about the changes needed to revitalize the SDP.

As he prepares to enter the race, Picula’s candidacy signals a potential shift in the party’s direction and a desire for reform. His vision for the party will likely play a significant role in shaping its future trajectory.

In discussing recent events, Picula described Pedro Grbina’s departure from the SDP as a “democratic standard” and stressed the importance of change within the party. He also commented on the result of the parliamentary elections, attributing the loss to a flawed strategy that reinforced the SDP’s opposition status.

The upcoming elections within the SDP present an opportunity for new leadership and fresh ideas. Picula’s candidacy reflects this desire for change and could potentially lead to a new direction for

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