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The Importance of Mammals in Florida: A Closer Look – NBC 6 South Florida

Florida is an ocean state that heavily relies on its beaches and marine life for both environmental and economic purposes. The state’s economy benefits significantly from a thriving marine environment, with healthy beaches contributing significantly to its GDP. However, manatees, native to Florida and the Caribbean, have been experiencing an alarming mortality rate in recent years, losing 25% of their population due to factors like sea grass depletion caused by human pollution.

Manatees are gentle and beautiful mammals that are indicators of environmental problems such as water quality degradation and rising water temperatures due to climate change. J.P. Brooker, the director of the Florida Conservation Program, describes them as a linchpin species of the Florida environment and warns that their suffering signifies issues with the health of our oceans. These factors can lead to starvation and disruption of migration patterns for manatees, affecting their overall well-being.

Floridians can play a crucial role in protecting manatees by taking proactive measures to preserve the environment. This includes refraining from fertilizing lawns during the rainy season to prevent harmful chemicals from running off into coastal waterbeds, investing in better coastal infrastructure, and participating in the electoral process to advocate for clean water in Florida. By working together and making environmentally conscious choices, Floridians can help ensure the recovery and conservation of manatees.

One significant action that residents can take is to urge the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service to re-list manatees as an endangered species under the Endangered Species Act. By contacting local representatives and advocating for their protection, individuals can contribute to safeguarding these majestic creatures and preserving Florida’s marine ecosystem for generations to come.

In conclusion, protecting manatees is not only essential for their survival but also vital for preserving Florida’s marine ecosystem for future generations. As ocean lovers, it is our responsibility to take action towards protecting this beautiful creature while promoting sustainable living practices that benefit not only ourselves but also our planet’s health.

By Aiden Nguyen

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