Mon. Jun 17th, 2024
The progression of the attack on the concert hall in Moscow

The Moscow concert attack, carried out by the Central Asian branch of Isis-K, was the deadliest terrorist attack in Russia since 2004. In this horrific incident, over 130 people were killed when gunmen opened fire at a sold-out concert hall in Moscow. This attack was claimed by the jihadist organization Isis.

The attack began when masked gunmen arrived at the Crocus City Hall and started shooting outside the building. They then entered the lobby and continued firing at the people gathered there. Panic ensued as the gunmen made their way inside the concert hall and started shooting towards the crowd. They were reported to have thrown explosives and set fires inside the building before fleeing the scene.

The aftermath of the attack saw dozens of casualties due to smoke poisoning. Emergency response teams arrived quickly at the scene to provide assistance. Russian authorities later arrested eleven suspects, four of whom are believed to have been involved in the attack. Investigations revealed that the attackers were not Russian citizens but carried Tajik passports.

The incident has shaken Russia and raised concerns about the presence of extremist groups in the region. The attack serves as a stark reminder of

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