Mon. Jun 17th, 2024
CBS Sports Mock Draft Places Projected Top Pick with Rockets after Unexpected Slide

The upcoming 2024 NBA Draft is still shrouded in uncertainty, with the Atlanta Hawks holding the top pick and multiple options to consider. Their decision will have a significant impact on the Houston Rockets, who hold the number three pick and may be eyeing the same player as the Hawks.

While there has been some speculation about potential trade scenarios, Rockets General Manager Rafael Stone has indicated that their pick is available. However, recent chatter has been scarce, leaving many wondering what the Rockets’ plans are for this year’s draft.

Initially, mock drafts predicted that Donovan Clingan from Connecticut would be chosen by the Rockets due to his impressive defensive skills and size. However, recent rumors suggest that Clingan may not be a top-two pick after all.

Kentucky guard Reed Sheppard currently leads as the favorite to be selected by the Rockets due to his impressive stats and versatility on offense and defense. Sheppard’s playstyle makes him an attractive prospect for Houston fans looking for a talented young guard to add to their roster.

However, a recent mock draft by CBS Sports suggests that Zaccharie Risacher from France could also be a contender for the Rockets’ third overall pick. Risacher’s shooting ability and defensive skills make him a desirable choice for Houston fans looking for a wing with upside. But his availability at number three is dependent on how Atlanta decides with their top pick.

As we approach draft day, it’s clear that both teams are still evaluating their options and trying to predict where things will go from here on out. Stay tuned to Inside The Rockets on social media for all of your latest NBA Draft updates!

By Aiden Nguyen

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