Mon. Jun 17th, 2024
Multiple Car Thefts reported at Largo Plaza in Washington DC – NBC4

A series of smash-and-grab robberies at Largo Plaza in Maryland has caused concern among both shoppers and businesses. Local businesses such as Phenix Salon Suites have been impacted by these incidents, with cars consistently being broken into. Renaldo Williams, owner of The Grooming Lounge, shared that the area has become particularly dangerous during the daytime, requiring people to remain vigilant while working. Despite his concerns, Williams has continued to offer hair-cutting services, emphasizing the importance of staying alert for himself and his customers.

Andrea Butler, another stylist located just a few doors down from The Grooming Lounge, was also affected by the robberies. One of her colleagues discovered a break-in in her car, prompting her to go outside and assess the situation. Hours later, another instance of break-ins occurred in the parking lot, with smashed windows and broken glass left behind. Williams observed that young individuals wearing masks were responsible for breaking into cars and disappearing quickly. Despite multiple reports to the police, no arrests have been made in connection to these incidents.

Residents living in the surrounding neighborhoods echoed similar concerns about parked cars being targeted for break-ins. Last year, Phenix Salon Suites experienced another crime when someone drove a truck through a back wall to steal an ATM. In response to the ongoing criminal activity, stylists at Phenix advised their customers on parking in more visible areas with higher foot traffic. Both Williams and Butler emphasized the need for increased police patrols and officer presence in the area beyond just security patrols. However, progress has not been made in apprehending those responsible for car break-ins.

In recent years, Largo Plaza has become known for its high crime rates and lack of police presence. This has led many shoppers and business owners to become increasingly concerned about their safety while shopping or working at the mall.

Despite these challenges faced by local businesses like Phenix Salon Suites and The Grooming Lounge, their owners remain determined to continue operating amidst growing concerns about safety at Largo Plaza.

It is crucial that authorities take immediate action to address this issue before it escalates further and harms innocent people or damages businesses permanently.

The lack of police presence in Largo Plaza is not only concerning but also frustrating for business owners who are trying to keep their properties safe from criminals who are taking advantage of vulnerable situations.

To prevent future crimes from occurring at Largo Plaza

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