Sun. Jun 16th, 2024
Superior performance cars dominate Istria’s roads with thousands of horsepower

In the beautiful Croatian peninsula of Istria, the eighth edition of Auto Sport Adria is taking place. The event offers a unique blend of gastronomy, stunning locations, top entertainment, and business networking opportunities, all while driving attractive supercars. Yesterday, a caravan of fifty supercars arrived in Istria in style and today they continued to explore the natural beauty and fun roads of the region.

Participants from around the world set off this morning from Pula on local roads towards Poreč, driving supercars from prestigious brands like Lamborghini, Bentley, Ferrari, and more. The parade of supercars drew a lot of attention as they passed through different locations. Along the way, participants stopped at Motodrom Poreč for a go-kart driving competition.

Unlike similar events, Auto Sport Adria pays special attention to female participants as well. Some participants drove karts at Motodrom Poreč while others visited Rossi Winery for a special program before reuniting for more gastronomic experiences. The program continued with a drive to Pula where the cars and their drivers met gladiators near the famous Arena.

After enjoying a gastronomic dinner and party in Pula, participants began the final stages of the event from Pula to Fažana and visited National Park Brijuni before ending in the beautiful town of Motovun with surprises in store for them. Sponsors of this unique event include TAG Heuer, Optika Anda, Tifon among others.

By Aiden Nguyen

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