Fri. Jun 14th, 2024
Expansion of Palmetto Artisan Program Provides Increased Business Opportunities for Young People

The city of Charleston is expanding the Palmetto Artisan Program with the help of a consulting firm, Community Solutions Consultant LLC. This program aims to unleash the creative potential of Charleston’s youth while equipping them with essential business skills for the future. Currently, the program has 25 participants who can be found setting up shop on weekends at Concord and Calhoun Streets near the South Carolina Aquarium, as well as at the Charleston City Market.

To foster creativity and profitability among the youth, new products will be introduced this summer to allow participants to explore their ingenuity. One success story is Zihaire Jackson, who launched his own business, the Palmetto Artisan Company, through the program. Jackson plans to expand beyond creating roses to offer items like shirts, hoodies, and more with unique logos.

Co-Manager Eric Jackson of Community Solutions Consultant highlights the focus on developing essential business skills among participants, such as money management. The program also involves parents in the economic development process, with the ultimate goal of assisting each participant in establishing their own Limited Liability Company (LLC).

The program emphasizes ongoing vending opportunities and encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to get involved in the year-round program. An application form is available for submission for those interested in joining

By Aiden Nguyen

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