Wed. Jun 19th, 2024
Apple unveils iOS 18 with new ‘Apple Intelligence’ feature

Apple’s latest operating system, iOS 18, brings new features to the photo library that allows your iPhone to automatically create albums for specific locations and days. It also filters out photos you may not want, such as screenshots of receipts. The home screen can now be personalized by placing applications wherever you want and choosing colors for the icons to match your background image.

Apple devices now have a built-in password storage app that works on all Apple products and even on Windows. Siri, the voice assistant, can now respond to text questions on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. The calculator app is now available on the iPad, and with the Apple Pencil, you can write math problems in your notes and have them solved automatically.

One of the standout features of iOS 18 is ‘Apple Intelligence’, a collection of AI-related functions that can prioritize notifications, carry out tasks, correct errors in texts and emails, and provide summaries of messages. However, Apple Intelligence is only available on the latest Apple devices. Users can now record phone calls with the consent of the other party, and Apple Intelligence can summarize the recording. The new emojis introduced in iOS 18 focus on personalization.

iOS 18 will be available from July; however, its announcement did not impress investors on Wall Street as Apple shares fell after the presentation. Some investors fear a repeat of past trends where Apple’s share price falls on days of major tech announcements. However, many Apple fans are excited about these new features and updates in iOS 18.

In summary, iOS 18 has brought significant improvements to photo libraries by allowing automatic creation of albums for specific locations and days while filtering out unwanted photos like screenshots of receipts. It also offers personalization options for home screens by allowing users to place applications wherever they want while choosing colors for icon backgrounds matching their preferred images or wallpapers.

The operating system has introduced several new features such as a built-in password storage app that works across all platforms including Windows devices; Siri’s ability to respond to text questions; calculator availability on iPads with support from Apple Pencil; ‘Apple Intelligence,’ an AI collection that prioritizes notifications and carries out tasks; call recording with consent; and personalized emojis.

While some investors may worry about repeating trends affecting share prices following major tech announcements from Apple Inc., many fans are excited about these updates that make their lives easier through technology advancements in their mobile devices.

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