Mon. Jun 17th, 2024
Temporary and Limited Restoration of Conversion Subsidy for E85 Biofuel

In Finland, motorists can upgrade their old gasoline cars to run on renewable ethanol and receive a conversion subsidy of 200 euros. The Transport and Communications Committee of the Parliament has completed a report on the government’s proposal to reinstate conversion subsidies for ethanol upgrades. The law will now proceed to the consideration of the plenary session of the parliament.

The opposition parties in the committee proposed an amendment to extend the application period for the conversion allowance and raise the level of the conversion allowance to 350 euros. However, the representatives of the governing parties voted against this change, and it was not approved.

To qualify for the conversion subsidy, motorists must have their cars inspected and meet certain requirements. For newer cars introduced after September 1, 2009, a certificate of compatibility from the manufacturer is also needed. E85 fuel is sold at regular gas stations in Finland and is often made from domestic waste and residues, reducing fossil emissions by up to 80%.

However, current taxation systems do not incentivize switching to alternative power sources with bioethanol-powered cars taxed the same as gasoline-powered cars. Efforts are being made to lower taxes on E85 fuel so that it becomes more affordable for consumers. The European Parliament elections are crucial for future climate policy with decisions made at

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