Fri. Jun 14th, 2024
Evaluating the Future of the World Rally Championship with DirtFish

The future of the World Rally Championship is uncertain as the FIA’s WRC Working Group recently unveiled its vision for the next three years of the sport. However, concrete technical regulations based on this vision won’t be announced until June. This has sparked a debate on whether the direction set by the group is the right one or if further reconsideration is necessary.

In an effort to gain a deeper understanding of the WRC Working Group’s proposals, Alasdair Lindsay, Colin Clark, and David Evans sat down to discuss their thoughts on where they believe the sport should be heading in an episode of SPIN, The Rally Pod. The team explored differing opinions on the matter and shared their insights on how they see rally racing evolving in the future.

One topic of discussion was whether or not there should be more cross-over with other forms of motorsport, such as Formula One or GT3 racing. There were differing opinions on this matter, with some members of the team arguing that it would bring in new fans and increase excitement while others felt that it would dilute the purity of rally racing.

Another topic discussed was the upcoming Safari Rally Kenya and how weather conditions could impact the race. The excitement was palpable as they anticipated what kind of action this event would bring to the championship. It’s clear that not everyone is in agreement on where rally racing should head in terms of technology or rules changes, but for now it looks like we will have to wait until June to see what concrete technical regulations are announced by FIA before we can make any final judgments about these developments.

To catch all the latest discussions and insights on World Rally Championship, be sure to watch SPIN’s The Rally Pod episode where they delve deeper into WRC Working Group’s proposals and explore differing opinions about where rally racing should go in future.

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