Fri. Jun 14th, 2024
PwC Instructs Employees Accepting Buyouts to Use Super-Corporate Email Template

The professional services industry is facing challenges with slowing client work, leading to job cuts and hiring delays. In response, PwC recently offered UK staff buyout packages to reduce costs. While the buyout program was not officially communicated firm-wide, employees who accepted the packages were given guidance on how to communicate their departure to colleagues.

According to the Financial Times, employees who accepted the buyout packages were given specific instructions on how to inform their colleagues about their decision to leave PwC. While employees were allowed to personalize their goodbye messages, they were given a suggested template that emphasized positivity and gratitude for the experience of working at PwC.

The note sent to employees also outlined messaging rules, including restrictions on discussing the circumstances of their departure and guidelines on reviewing messages before sending them to a specific group of recipients. PwC emphasized that goodbye messages should not be derogatory in any way.

While the exact number of employees who accepted the buyouts is unclear, multiple UK offices were offered the packages as part of cost-cutting measures. The Big Four firms, including EY, Deloitte, PWC, and KPMG, have been restructuring their staffing needs and reducing headcount due to changing client demands and economic challenges.

In addition to offering buyout packages, some firms have delayed the start dates of new hires and entry-level employees to manage costs during this challenging time. Accenture, for example, offered recent college graduates up to $25,000 to defer their start dates. The professional services industry continues to adapt

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