Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024
Conversations on Health and Social Equity in Cape Fear

The panelists included Jason Black, the Adult Residential Community Treatment Services (ARCTS) Program Director at Coastal Horizons Center, Kevin Briggs, the Senior Director of Laboratory & Respiratory Care Services at Novant Health, Dr. Umar Bowers, the Medical Director at Dawson Med & Dawson Med Urgent Care, Hayley Sink, the Director of Health Equity at Trillium, and Leigh Quarles, the Health Equity Network Officer at New Hanover Community Endowment. Additionally, a special thanks was given to Fawn Rhodes, the Equity Coordinator at New Hanover Department of Health and Human Services.

The conversation was part of WHQR’s Cape Fear Conversations series which aims to increase public engagement with important and complex issues. The panelists brought their expertise in healthcare services, health equity and community development to the discussion. Each speaker shared valuable insights and perspectives on how to address health disparities and promote equity in the community. By bringing together individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences, the conversation aimed to shed light on challenges and opportunities in improving public health and well-being.

Through their discussion, the panelists emphasized collaboration as a crucial factor in addressing complex health issues. They highlighted the need for community-driven solutions that prioritize inclusivity and accessibility for all individuals. By working together and leveraging their collective knowledge and resources, they hoped to inspire positive change and progress in the Cape Fear region.

Overall, the conversation was an excellent opportunity for community members to learn about various efforts being undertaken to promote health equity in the region. The panelists shared their experiences

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