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Rescued abductees suffering from severe malnutrition and long-term abuse

Prof. Pesach recently discussed the experiences of the freed abductees, emphasizing the difficulty of hearing and understanding their stories. He reiterated his commitment to supporting and accompanying them through this complex process, highlighting the importance of ongoing care for those who have endured such horrors. The professor also acknowledged the many others who are still in captivity, facing similar traumas that are unimaginable.

During his discussion, Prof. Pesach noted differences in the medical conditions of abductees who were held in tunnels versus those in apartments. He stressed that all abductees suffered various forms of abuse, both physical and mental, for prolonged periods. Medical teams are conducting thorough assessments of returnees to evaluate their physical and nutritional status, including tests for injuries sustained during captivity and the liberation process.

The professor expressed satisfaction that none of the returnees suffered serious injuries, while acknowledging the ongoing need for treatment, especially for those with more severe injuries. Mental health evaluations and psychological support are integral parts of the care provided to the returnees, who are also accompanied by a psychosocial team from the moment of their arrival.

The mother of an abductee who recently returned from captivity shared her family’s emotional challenges faced during her son’s release. Despite the bittersweet moments, she expressed gratitude for her son’s safe return and emphasized the need to give him time to process and share his experiences at his own pace. The family mourns the loss of their father and supports their son in his journey towards recovery.

Lastly, the mother highlighted the ongoing plight of other abductees still in captivity, calling for urgent action to secure their release. She stressed

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