Tue. Jun 25th, 2024
AMLO: Reforms are prioritizing justice over markets

Following the elections that favored the Let’s Keep Making History coalition, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador reassured the markets that the future reform of the Judiciary will proceed despite opposition from those who fear losing influence in the legal system. Despite this, he emphasized that Justice is more important than market concerns and likened the decision to choose between law or slavery, progress or regression.

The proposed reform by Morena legislators raised concerns among financial sectors due to the potential influence of oligarchs in the Judiciary. However, President López Obrador assured that dialogue among all sectors regarding the issue was necessary and emphasized respect for the Constitution and laws in country. He also highlighted that electing judges through popular vote is an essential step towards a transparent and democratic process in judicial appointments.

In an orderly and non-authoritarian manner, President López Obrador reiterated his commitment to reforming the Judiciary during his administration, even as some worry about its impact on transition with Claudia Sheinbaum. He urged respect for rule of law and encouraged all stakeholders to engage in constructive dialogue regarding this critical issue. The president welcomed support from various groups, including unions such as Sindicato de Magistrados y Fiscales (Union of Magistrates and Prosecutors) in promoting a transparent and democratic process for judicial appointments.

Overall, President López Obrador addressed concerns about market nervousness surrounding judicial reform by emphasizing its importance to ensure justice and upholding democratic principles.

By Aiden Nguyen

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