Fri. Jun 14th, 2024
J.T. Realmuto scheduled for surgery on right knee this Wednesday

Philadelphia Phillies catcher J.T. Realmuto is set to undergo surgery on his right knee on Wednesday. This surgery, a meniscectomy, has been scheduled after Realmuto has been dealing with knee pain for about a month. He was placed on the injured list on June 10 but is expected to miss more time than the required 10 days. The timetable for his return will be determined after the surgery.

Despite being one of the most active catchers in the MLB, Realmuto has spent minimal time on the injured list since joining the Phillies. However, his absence will be felt by the team as he is a leader both on and off the field and provides valuable contributions in various aspects of the game. Losing him will be a major blow to the team, and they will have to manage without their backbone for the time being.

The Phillies have called up Rafael Marchan and Garrett Stubbs to fill in at the catcher position in Realmuto’s absence. However, due to lack of depth at that position, they may need to acquire another catcher before long. The Phillies have a comfortable lead in the standings and some room for adjustments while Realmuto recovers from his injury.

MLB players typically return from a partial meniscectomy in 4 to 8 weeks, which is quicker than a full meniscus repair. It is unclear if Realmuto will be out for a similar period or if it will take longer for him to recover fully from this injury

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