Fri. Jun 14th, 2024
Matthew Judon’s sole focus remains on football, unconcerned with contract situation

New England Patriots linebacker Matthew Judon is taking a relaxed approach to his contract situation as he enters mandatory minicamp. While he hopes for an extension to remain in the team, he is focusing on football and what he can control. Rather than causing a scene or holding out, Judon is choosing to prepare for the upcoming season and help his team win games.

In an interview with ESPN’s Rich Shertenlieb, Judon emphasized his commitment to playing football and getting ready for the season without letting contract negotiations distract him. He acknowledged that causing disruptions does not benefit anyone and expressed his intention to contribute to the team’s success.

Coming off a season-ending biceps injury in 2023, Judon is fully participating in minicamp and looking to reclaim his dominant pass-rushing form. He holds the 10th spot in franchise history with 32 sacks and is eager to make an impact on the field. Despite uncertainties surrounding his contract, Judon reiterated his desire to finish his career with the Patriots, a possibility that remains on the table given the team’s focus on retaining key players.

With the Patriots prioritizing extensions for in-house talent, Judon’s future in New England looks promising. The team has already secured deals with other key players, paving the way for potential negotiations with Judon as they work towards building a championship-contending roster for the upcoming season.

By Aiden Nguyen

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