Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024
Expert in mental health identifies common diagnosis of bridge phobia

In recent years, the fear of crossing bridges has become more prevalent, leading to a diagnosis known as Gephyrophobia. This condition is characterized by an intense fear of bridges and can be challenging to cope with for those affected. Witnessing a bridge collapse, such as the one that occurred at the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, can trigger confirmation anxiety, where a person’s worst fears are confirmed right before their eyes.

As a mental health therapist, Jay Powell has seen firsthand how challenging it can be for individuals with Gephyrophobia to cope with their fear of crossing bridges. Powell notes that coping strategies such as focusing on a local point or listening to music can help individuals navigate their anxiety and feel more confident when traveling across bridges.

In Jacksonville, residents have shared their feelings about traveling across bridges in the city. While some, like Neil Weinreb, don’t experience anxiety when crossing most bridges, others like Bernard Tebo express concerns about maritime traffic possibly causing accidents. However, by adopting coping strategies and seeking support from mental health professionals like Powell, individuals with Gephyrophobia can learn to manage their fear and travel across bridges more effectively.

Overall, while bridge collapses are rare, the fear of experiencing one is very real for some individuals. By understanding the diagnosis of Gephyrophobia and adopting coping strategies, individuals can navigate their fear of crossing bridges more effectively and feel more confident in their travels.

By Aiden Nguyen

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