Mon. Jun 17th, 2024
OpenAI Welcomes Two New Colleagues to Join Sam Altman

OpenAI, a leading AI research company, has recently announced the addition of two new executives to its C-suite. Sarah Friar, who was previously the CEO of Nextdoor, will be joining as the CFO, while Kevin Weil, who comes from Planet Labs, will be taking on the role of chief product officer. The appointments were made by CEO Sam Altman, who expressed his excitement for the new hires and their ability to help the company scale and set new growth strategies.

Friar’s background includes experience as CEO of Nextdoor and CFO at Square, as well as previous roles at Goldman Sachs and McKinsey. Weil has a history as head of product and business at Planet Labs, cofounder of Libra cryptocurrency, and product management roles at Novi, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Both executives are highly experienced in their respective fields and bring valuable expertise to OpenAI.

Recent scrutiny of OpenAI’s leadership has raised concerns about AI safety as technology continues to evolve. Resignations from researchers like Daniel Kokotajlo have highlighted governance and profit-oriented concerns within the company. However, Altman and the new team members are focused on driving forward OpenAI’s research and collaboration efforts to ensure that the benefits of AI tools are maximized for everyone.

Friar’s statement reflects her commitment to supporting OpenAI’s core strengths in research and collaboration. She emphasized that the company is facing complex challenges but with the support of new talent like herself and Weil, OpenAI is poised to continue pushing boundaries in the field of AI technology.

By Aiden Nguyen

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