Fri. Jun 14th, 2024
Red Stars set new NWSL attendance record at full capacity Wrigley Field

The Chicago Red Stars made history at Wrigley Field with a special match against Bay FC. Despite the rain, the historic stadium was almost full, and the atmosphere was electric. The iconic MLB team flags at Wrigley Field had been replaced with NWSL standings, showing support for the women’s league.

The match had special touches, like the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League pitcher, Maybelle Blair, delivering the game ball. Additionally, Red Stars star Mallory Pugh received flowers in her locker from her husband, Chicago Cubs player Dansby Swanson. The connection between the Red Stars and Cubs goes beyond this, as both teams share ownership through the Ricketts family.

Preparing Wrigley Field for a soccer match was a significant task, requiring the grounds crew to cover much of the infield and foul territory dirt with turf. A timelapse video showed the transformation from a baseball field to a soccer field the day before the game. The match at Wrigley Field was a memorable moment for the Red Stars and the NWSL as a whole.

The Chicago Red Stars set a new NWSL single-game attendance record with 35,038 fans in attendance at Wrigley Field’s 110-year-old stadium. The match against Bay FC drew fans despite

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