Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024
NFL teams reject proposal for fourth-and-20 onside kick alternative

NFL teams have once again voted down a proposal for an alternative to the onside kick. The Philadelphia Eagles had suggested a new rule that would allow teams to line up their offense on the field on fourth-and-20 instead of kicking off, but it was rejected at a league meeting. Under this proposed rule, teams that scored a touchdown or field goal would have had the option to take the ball at their own 20-yard line and face a fourth-and-20. If the scoring team converted the fourth-and-20, they would have kept possession of the ball.

Despite ongoing efforts to develop alternatives to the onside kick, proposals like this one continue to be met with resistance from NFL teams. Rich McKay, chairman of the competition committee, acknowledged this resistance and stated that discussions about more onside kick alternatives will happen in the future. However, for now, no alternatives to the onside kick have been approved.

The league is currently focusing its attention on deciding what to do with the kickoff itself, as there has been talk of implementing a low-impact kickoff rule similar to what was previously used in the XFL. Before any changes are made to the onside kick rules, however, the league will need to determine what happens with kickoffs during the 2024 season first. For now, recovering onside kicks remains almost impossible due to current NFL rules and procedures.

In summary, despite ongoing efforts by NFL teams and fans alike

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