Tue. Jun 25th, 2024
Fast Trains to Major European Cities

In the Amsterdam-Paris-London region, Eurostar is conducting successful business operations with high-speed trains. However, various investor groups are venturing into competing projects. Creating price-reducing competition in the train sector is proving to be a complex task.

Roemer van den Biggelaar fondly recalls train trips with his parents from the Netherlands to Switzerland for skiing holidays in his younger years. Now, van den Biggelaar, along with his father Maarten and another partner, aims to enter the train business in northwest Europe on a large scale. Their company, Heuro, plans to offer high-speed connections from Amsterdam to Paris via Brussels starting in 2028, followed by an additional connection to London in a later phase. While the potential market for such connections between major cities is significant, especially considering their proximity and travel time, the complexities of the railway sector present unique challenges.

Unlike many national rail networks, Eurostar is one of the few train companies that operates successfully. However, van den Biggelaar points out their trains are often fully booked and ticket prices are perceived as high. Competing startups like Heuro and Virgin aim to provide alternatives by offering new connections across Europe.

Investors are drawn to the railway sector’s potential for creating market share that can rival airlines, inspired by the success of companies like Italo in Italy. However, navigating the regulatory and infrastructural challenges of the rail market and securing large capital investments for rolling stock remain significant hurdles for new entrants in the sector.

While Eurostar remains a dominant player in the region

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