Tue. Jun 25th, 2024
Marvell Technology Inc (MRVL) Increases by 1.96%

Marvell Technology Inc (MRVL) experienced a 1.96% increase in its stock during pre-market trading on Wednesday morning, bringing the price to 69.6. The short-term technical score for MRVL is 67, indicating that the stock has been trading more bullishly than 67% of other stocks in the market over the past month. Over the past month, MRVL has seen an average recommendation of Strong Buy from analysts with an average price target of $87.78.

In the Semiconductors industry, which is ranked 85 out of 146 industries, MRVL is ranked higher than 74% of stocks. The stock’s price during this time period has ranged from $65.06 to $85.76, and its overall score is 50, which provides insight into its performance and ranking within the industry. To learn more about Marvell Technology Inc and its rankings, further information is available.

By Aiden Nguyen

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