Mon. Jun 17th, 2024
Investors ponder economic outlook as U.S. Treasury yields decline

Investors are closely monitoring the latest data and comments from Federal Reserve officials to gauge the outlook for the economy. Recent data has shown that durable goods orders rose more than expected in February, while consumer confidence has shown a decline in optimism about the economy.

The yield of treasury bonds is an important indicator for investors, as it has an inverse relationship with prices. When yields decrease, prices increase. For example, when the yield of a treasury bond decreases by a basis point, the price of the bond increases.

Fed Governor Christopher Waller is expected to give remarks later on Wednesday, and Thursday will see the release of important data such as weekly initial jobless claims, the final reading of the US GDP for the fourth quarter, and consumer sentiment insights. Some policymakers believe that there may be fewer than the previously forecasted three rate cuts this year due to recent economic conditions.

With markets closed for Good Friday, traders’ reactions to important data such as personal consumption expenditures price index – the Fed’s preferred inflation measure – as well as personal income and spending figures will have to wait until next week. The markets will be closely watching these indicators to determine how they may impact interest rates and overall economic conditions in 2023.

By Aiden Nguyen

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