Tue. Jun 25th, 2024
Largo Plaza experiences a series of car thefts – NBC4 Washington

A string of smash-and-grab robberies has been causing unease among shoppers and business owners at Largo Plaza in Maryland. Reports have indicated that cars have been consistently broken into at the shopping center, prompting customers to steer clear of local businesses such as those found in Phenix Salon Suites. Renaldo Williams, owner of The Grooming Lounge, expressed his concerns about the daytime thefts, emphasizing the importance of heightened vigilance while on the job. Despite these difficulties, Williams has not allowed them to hinder his services, stressing that being vigilant has paid off for him and his clients.

According to Williams, there is a lack of police presence at Largo Plaza, making it easier for criminals to get away with theft. Andrea Butler, another stylist in the area, shared her experience of fellow colleagues falling victim to break-ins. Incidents of shattered windows and stolen property have become commonplace, with thieves wearing masks and targeting vehicles in a matter of seconds. Despite residents reporting these crimes, a lack of police response has made it difficult to catch the culprits.

Neighborhood residents have also experienced similar issues with car break-ins on their streets. The crimes at Largo Plaza have led to discussions about the need for increased patrols and police presence rather than relying solely on security patrols. Last year, other crimes such as a truck driving through a back wall and stealing an ATM have affected businesses in the plaza. Stylists at Phenix Salon Suites have started advising their clients to park in more visible areas with higher foot traffic as a safety precaution.

With no arrests made in connection to the thefts, business owners and residents continue to express concerns about the lack of security in the area. Calls for more police presence and proactive measures to prevent further crimes from occurring at Largo Plaza are growing. Despite these challenges, businesses and individuals in the area remain hopeful for a resolution that will improve safety and security in the community.

By Aiden Nguyen

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