Tue. Jun 25th, 2024
Komatsu Mining Corp. Recognized at Carbon Chamber Awards

Komatsu Mining Corp., a leading original and rebuilder of surface and underground equipment, was recognized as the business spotlight at the March luncheon held by the Carbon County Chamber of Commerce (CCCC) on March 21st. Tanner Hackney, Ronnie Bogdin, and Tom King from Komatsu accepted the nomination from CCCC’s Vice President, Scottie Draper.

Komatsu, formerly known as Joy Global, has been serving Carbon County since 1972. Starting with a warehouse to support customers in the west, business grew rapidly and led to global assignments in Brazil, Canada, and Asia. To meet customer expectations and demand for heavy equipment, an addition was built on the warehouse to handle rebuilds and new builds.

In 1999, Joy Global moved to their current location on Ridge Road in Wellington. In the last decade, they were acquired by Komatsu Limited and became Komatsu Mining Corp. Despite the change in ownership, the Joy brand remains strong, with all equipment still branded in the iconic “Joy orange”. Hackney noted that Komatsu celebrated their 100th anniversary in 2021, following Joy Global’s 100 years in 2019.

Hackney shared that Komatsu has a combined 200 years of experience and knowledge in the mining industry and has achieved twelve years without any lost time accidents. He concluded by expressing gratitude to CCCC for recognizing their achievements and assured that Komatsu will continue supporting

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