Wed. Jun 19th, 2024
Kemira issues a promising profit forecast

Kemira has recently released a positive warning, which shows that its operating EBITDA is expected to increase to between 540-640 million euros. This forecast is an improvement over the initial estimate made in April, which predicted the operating EBITDA would be between 480-580 million euros for the year. The revision in estimates reflects Kemira’s brighter profit prospects, partly driven by the recovery in demand.

Kemira also expects its turnover to rise to 2,800-3,200 million euros this year, up from the previous estimate of 2,700-3,200 million euros. While operating EBITDA still lags behind last year’s figures, the company sees continued growth opportunities in the pulp & paper and water treatment markets. Variable costs are anticipated to remain stable, supporting the financial outlook for the year.

After announcing improved estimates, Kemira’s shares experienced a significant rise. The stock price saw a nearly five percent increase, outperforming the general index of the Helsinki Stock Exchange by around 0.2 percent at the same time. This positive market response reflects investor confidence in Kemira’s growth trajectory and favorable financial outlook.

Overall, Kemira’s positive warning indicates that its financial performance is improving and that it expects growth opportunities in several markets. The company’s brighter profit prospects have contributed to its increased stock price and investor confidence on the Helsinki Stock Exchange.

By Aiden Nguyen

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