Sun. Jun 16th, 2024
Juventus monitoring Barcelona’s Vitor Roque

Juventus have been keeping a close eye on Barcelona’s young striker Vitor Roque, who has seen limited playing time in his first season with the club. Despite not making a strong impression, reports suggest that Roque’s representatives are exploring the possibility of a summer exit. If this were to happen, a loan move could be the most likely scenario for the Brazilian.

Juventus is aware of Roque’s availability and is monitoring the situation closely. The club may consider making a move for him depending on the future of Moise Kean and Arek Milik’s injury status. Milik is set to undergo knee surgery, which could impact Juventus’ decision to pursue another striker. If either Kean or Milik were to leave or become injured, Roque could become a viable option for Juventus.

In the coming months, Juventus will assess their options and determine whether Roque would be a valuable addition to their team. With potential changes on the horizon, Roque’s future at Barcelona may be uncertain, opening up the possibility of a move to Juventus. If this were to happen, it would represent a significant step forward in Roque’s career and provide him with an opportunity to play at one of Europe’s biggest clubs.

By Aiden Nguyen

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