Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024
Success of foodtech companies crucial for industry in Israel, not high-tech dominance

As of October 7, a critical need for technologies emerged that could provide peace and security to residents. In response, Ofek Ron, a seasoned vegan activist and member of the board of directors, founded the “Oshi” company three years ago with a team of scientists. This company has been successful in developing a vegan salmon product that has gained international recognition and is now sold in restaurants across the United States.

The global foodtech industry is facing a crisis as many companies are struggling to raise resources and are closing doors. Ron believes that investing in the foodtech industry is crucial for Israel’s food security and reducing dependence on imports, which can lead to food shortages during crises.

Alternative protein is an emerging field that aims to replace traditional meat and fish products with plant-based or cultured alternatives. This shift is essential to combat climate change and ensure food sustainability in the future.

Israel may be small, but its influence in developing foodtech technologies can have a significant impact globally. By exporting these technologies and establishing production lines within the country, Israel can create job opportunities and strengthen its food security while also contributing to the global fight against climate change.

Ron’s “Oshi” company is at the forefront of developing vegan fish products and has received significant investments to innovate and expand its market reach. While competition in this field may exist, it is not about rivalry but about raising awareness and creating sustainable alternatives to traditional meat and fish products.

Looking ahead, Ron envisions a future where plant-based proteins are widely available and accepted as the norm. By investing in food science and innovation, countries like Israel can lead the way towards addressing global food challenges while reducing reliance on unsustainable practices. To bring about positive changes in the industry, Ron advocates for more young people to pursue careers in food science.

In conclusion, by investing in innovative technologies that promote peace, security, sustainability, and environmental protection, Israel can play a vital role in shaping a better future for itself and others around the world.

By Aiden Nguyen

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