Fri. Jun 14th, 2024
Viktor Orbán visits Donald Trump during NATO celebrations in Hungary

Hungary has long faced strained relations with the United States, which has affected its economy. In March, Hungary marked the 25th anniversary of joining NATO, an event attended by American ambassadors, democracy advocates, researchers, professors, and former ministers. Despite leading Hungary into NATO in 1999, Prime Minister Viktor Orban was absent from the celebration. The American ambassador emphasized in his speech that Hungary joined NATO due to its commitment to democracy and the Western alliance.

While relations between Hungary and the U.S. are tense, they are not the only source of uncertainty for the country. Recent reports suggest that the U.S. is unhappy with Hungarian government policies, creating economic instability. A professor from Corvin University in Budapest noted that this tension with the U.S. could have far-reaching implications for Hungary’s economy and its relationships with other EU countries.

Hungary has shifted its focus towards Eastern investment opportunities and Western investors have noticed a change in government attitude towards their investments. This shift has led to a decline in trust from countries like Germany, which was once a significant investor in Hungary. Some Western investors have reported facing challenges in doing business in Hungary, although the exact nature of these obstacles varies widely depending on the company or industry involved. Meanwhile, Chinese investments have introduced a new level of secrecy to the business environment in Hungary, further complicating matters for foreign companies operating there.

Despite these challenges, however, Hungary continues to attract foreign investments albeit in different ways than before. Western companies have adapted to changing conditions by finding new opportunities or finding alternative ways of doing business in the country.

Overall while tensions between Hungry and Usa/EU countries remain high there isn’t any clear indication yet how it will impact negatively on economy and foreign investments .

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