Sun. Jun 16th, 2024
Watch an American Skater Win the World Figure Skating Championships in Stunning Fashion – Mother Jones

Figure skaters are renowned for their breathtaking maneuvers on the ice, including axels, lutzes, loops and salchows. These moves leave fans in awe and challenge the laws of nature and physics. Even young children can perform some of these jumps, but for most people, the skill required is unimaginable. But how do they execute such complex moves while wearing ice skates with thin blades?

One term closely associated with figure skating is “quad,” short for quadruple, meaning times four. The quadruple axel is considered a leap so terrifying that most skaters won’t even attempt it. However, 19-year-old American skater Ilia Malinin managed to land this terrifying leap six times, winning the World Figure Skating Championship in Montreal.

Malinin described his performance as potentially the best skate of his life or a complete disaster. With a record-breaking score and a haunting soundtrack from Succession, his performance left spectators in awe. To witness history being made, watch Malinin’s jaw-dropping, mind-blowing and gob-smacking routine.

By Aiden Nguyen

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