Fri. Jun 14th, 2024
HPD Utilizing Technology to Combat Crime amidst Officer Shortage

The Houston Police Department is placing a lot of emphasis on increasing the number of license plate scanning cameras, despite being at least 1,200 officers short. However, the question remains whether technology alone can enhance security in Houston.

Doug Griffith, the president of the Houston Police Officer’s Union, emphasized that while these cameras can be helpful, they do not replace the need for more officers on the ground. Griffith stressed the importance of having more personnel to address the security concerns in the city.

With over 3,800 plate reading cameras already in operation and plans underway to invest $1 million in acquiring 60 new cameras, Houston has the highest number of these devices in the area. While these cameras can be a useful tool in targeting violent offenders, Griffith reiterated that they are not a substitute for the presence of law enforcement officers in the community.

Ultimately, according to Griffith, cameras alone cannot effectively address violent crime and security issues in Houston. The union president emphasized that an adequate number of officers on patrol is necessary to maintain public safety.

By Aiden Nguyen

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