Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024
Smith addresses mental health concerns among local teenagers at panel discussion

Megan Smith, an associate professor at the School of Public and Population Health, recently participated in a panel discussion on Teen Mental Health hosted by Boise State Public Radio. The panel, held at Boise Centre and open to the public, aimed to explore ways parents can help their children navigate and connect in terms of mental health.

Smith was one of three panelists, along with Vashti Summervill, a parent coach and therapeutic consultant, and Maja Ledgerwood, a clinical social worker and assistant professor at Northwest Nazarene University. Smith is a leading researcher in youth mental health and the founding director of Communities for Youth. Her research focuses on prevention efforts through community engagement to promote the mental health of youth and communities.

During the panel discussion, Smith shared her insights on how parents can support their children’s mental health. She emphasized the importance of open communication between parents and children, as well as providing opportunities for children to engage in activities that promote positive mental health. Smith also discussed her research on community engagement programs that have been shown to be effective in improving teen mental health outcomes.

The audience was engaged throughout the discussion, asking questions about specific challenges they face in supporting their children’s mental health. The panelists provided valuable advice and resources for parents looking to make a difference in their child’s life.

To learn more about Megan Smith and her research on teen mental health, visit the School of Public and Population Health website.

By Aiden Nguyen

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