Mon. Jun 17th, 2024
In the multi-billion dollar green transition projects, unity is key for success

In his opinion letter published in KL on 28th May, Henrik Wickström, the Chairman of Inkoon Municipal Board and a Member of Parliament, highlighted the challenges faced by small municipalities when managing large investment projects. Wickström emphasized the importance of Finland’s attractiveness as a destination for international investments, especially in industries like green steel which are crucial for a carbon-neutral future. He called for smooth licensing processes to facilitate the growth of new clean industries, such as the planned green steel project in Inkoosee.

Fortum, a leading energy company, is committed to supporting clean transition investments like the development of areas in Inkoon Joddböle for industrial use. Wickström stressed that adequate resources should be allocated to quickly go through zoning and permit processes to ensure the timely realization of such projects. He highlighted the social significance of large investments like the Plaster project, which is projected to create jobs and generate substantial tax revenue for municipalities and the state.

Smooth and high-quality zoning and environmental impact assessment processes are essential for the success of these projects, as they ensure the involvement of local stakeholders and compliance with environmental regulations. Wickström called for better cooperation, openness, and dialogue to prevent delays in project implementation. Ultimately, he emphasized the need for a collaborative approach to streamline licensing processes and promote the growth of a clean economy in Finland.

By Aiden Nguyen

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