Tue. Jun 25th, 2024
European Elections: Winners and Losers Among Meloni, Vannacci, Salis, Renzi and Conte

In the recent European Parliament elections, several Italian politicians achieved success. Giorgia Meloni of Fratelli d’Italia emerged victorious with over 2 million preferences, solidifying her position as a leader among European conservatives. Elly Schlein of the Democratic Party also tasted victory, despite campaign controversies, and established herself as a viable alternative to the current prime minister.

Antonio Tajani of Forza Italia also found success, with his party surpassing the League to become the second-largest party in the center-right coalition. Matteo Salvini’s victory was notable as well, with the League holding steady and even increasing its votes compared to previous elections. General Vannacci, the second most-voted candidate after Meloni, proved to be accurate in his predictions.

On the other hand, Bonelli and Fratoianni of Avs doubled their policies’ popularity, with Salis securing a significant result. The defeat was unfortunately experienced by Renzi, Bonino, and Calenda, who were unable to secure seats in the European Parliament. Giuseppe Conte’s M5S party suffered a loss, dropping to just 10% of the votes and putting its leadership in jeopardy. The election also revealed the fractures within many parties, marking a complex political landscape in Italy.

By Aiden Nguyen

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