Fri. Jun 14th, 2024
Following Feud with John Oliver, Family Bakery Upgrades Kitchen Equipment

Deising’s Bakery, a family-owned business in the Hudson Valley, has recently received new kitchen equipment worth thousands of dollars thanks to a lighthearted feud with John Oliver. The comedian had challenged the bakery owner, Eric Deising, to make and sell bear-shaped cakes with his face on them in exchange for new ovens.

Despite initially expressing interest in acquiring a flat-top oven and a convection oven through a sign on the closed Red Lobster’s premises, Deising was ultimately beat to the equipment by Oliver. However, Oliver responded to the situation during his show by revealing that the donated Red Lobster equipment did not include the items Deising had requested originally. Oliver then proposed a challenge to Deising – if the bakery could make and sell bear-shaped cakes with his face on them, he would gift Deising new ovens.

In response to the challenge, Deising’s Bakery started selling cakes bears with Oliver’s face on them, printed on edible paper. The cakes quickly became a hit, with approximately 100 being sold every hour at $8 apiece. The bakery decided to donate all proceeds from the cake bears to a local food pantry called People’s Place. Despite requests for shipping globally, they are only available in-store until Sunday.

The new kitchen equipment is set to be delivered to Deising’s Bakery on Thursday. The bakery plans to continue its charitable efforts while enjoying success with the popular cake bears.

By Aiden Nguyen

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