Sun. Jun 16th, 2024
EU Climate Goal for 2040: Kai Mykkänen Warns of Challenges Ahead

Finland has expressed support for the EU Commission’s proposed 90 percent net emission reduction target for the Union’s 2040 climate goal, with certain reservations. This reduction target is calculated from the level of emissions in 1990 and will require both emission reductions and carbon removal to achieve. While Finland supports this target, they have emphasized that key instruments used to implement it must meet their minimum requirements. This includes proceeding technology-neutrally and accepting nuclear power, as well as creating effective incentives for technical carbon sequestration at the EU level.

Finland recognized that the transition of industry to green technologies is crucial for achieving emission reductions. The country highlighted the importance of cost-effective emission reductions and taking into account uncertainties in land use sector when implementing future legislation. In addition, Finland views technical sinks as essential if they aim to increase net reduction by more than five million tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

During a meeting of the EU’s Environmental Council in Brussels, many member states have not yet formed their positions on this target, making it a starting point for a long process of negotiations. The meeting marked the first official discussion of the 2040 climate goal and underscored the need for cost-effective measures that are aligned with national priorities and circumstances.

By Aiden Nguyen

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