Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024
Rocchi unveils updated VAR protocol plans and expresses uncertainty about technology

Serie A refereeing designator, Gianluca Rocchi, has revealed that FIFA is working on a new stage of the VAR protocol. He expressed relief when using the technology for the first time and stated that a weight was taken off his shoulders. While in England, there was a vote to ban the use of VAR in the Premier League, only Wolverhampton Wanderers were in favor of scrapping the technique altogether. In Italy, however, the debate surrounding VAR revolves around why it cannot be used more often.

Rocchi explained that FIFA is evaluating the implementation of VAR on call for youth teams but emphasized that it is still in the early stages and does not involve professional football. Despite initial reservations, Rocchi admitted that VAR has become an integral part of the sport and that he felt liberated when he corrected a decision using the technology for the first time. He expressed frustration with younger referees who do not fully understand the advantages of VAR and wished he had access to it during his own refereeing career.

One reason VAR is more popular in Italy than in England is because various television channels go to great lengths to explain the protocol and decision-making process. This includes former referees serving as pundits, as well as DAZN program Open VAR, which features actual footage and audio from referees during matches. Rocchi praised Open VAR for allowing viewers to see the reality of the dialogue between referees and their Video Assistant Referees, noting that it has been a positive experience that has helped to demystify the decision-making process.

By Aiden Nguyen

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