Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024
Ferrari Teams Up with SK On to Advance Cell Technology

Ferrari, an Italian sports car manufacturer, and SK On, a South Korean electric vehicle battery maker affiliated with SK Group, have announced a partnership to enhance innovation in battery cell technology. The agreement was signed during a memorandum of understanding ceremony at SK’s headquarters building in Seoul, with SK On CEO Lee Seok-hee and Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna present.

Both companies aim to explore new avenues and potential solutions for advancing battery cell technology by leveraging their respective expertise. This technological collaboration will see them share valuable insights and expand their knowledge base. During the event, Lee expressed excitement about joining Ferrari’s electrification journey and highlighted the potential for offering customers new experiences and values through their combined expertise and technologies.

Ferrari’s CEO also shared high expectations for the partnership, noting that collaboration between companies and suppliers can drive shared progress through shared ideas. The partnership with SK On represents an opportunity to explore new frontiers and ignite the energy of shared ideas. As an exclusive battery supplier to Ferrari, SK On has been providing batteries for Ferrari’s plug-in hybrid electric vehicles since 2019. This latest development is a significant step forward in advancing battery cell technology for electric vehicles.

By Aiden Nguyen

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